The Company Story

Well, DT Information Governance was set up in early 2019 after the owner and director, Deborah Topping (that’s me) left a long career in local government and the public sector. The time was right for a number of reasons so here we are.

The company is a one-woman company so there is only me to deal with. If I can’t do something, or extra help is needed, especially when there are time pressures, I know a number of experienced colleagues who can assist. But, this will always be discussed with you first.

The company is a limited company registered in England – Company No. 11871279. It is also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office – No. ZA504078 and is registered on the DSPT (Toolkit for Health and Social Care) – No. 8KC21.

So, who am I?

Hi, I am Deborah Topping, often just called Debbie. I live in sunny (well sometimes) Blackpool in Lancashire but I do travel to wherever you are. I describe myself as an information governance ‘anorak’ – I really do enjoy working in this information governance world and especially with the associated legislation.

I have significant, some may say extensive, experience of working with information legislation. Particularly, the Data Protection Act and GDPR, the Freedom of Information Act, the Environmental Information Regulations and other legislation where it related to information and sharing. The work includes CCTV, Information Sharing, policies and procedures, and a whole lot more.

A couple of noteworthy pieces of work are the nationally recognised relaunch of the town centre CCTV systems for which I wrote the polices and procedures, being a founding member of the award winning online Information Sharing Gateway portal and supporting the IT/WiFi for Strictly at Blackpool for many years!

I spent many years working in IT in public and private sector before establishing a separate Information Governance Service, so I have plenty of knowledge about delivery of IT systems, projects and what questions you need to ask suppliers.

Using skills from my days as a lecturer in HE & FE, I have provided learning and training based on my own courses, exam-based or qualification-based courses, and delivered courses developed by others. I am also a speaker at national conferences and presentation so I’m happy standing in front of a crowd.

Having worked in public and private sector organisations (I even spent two years running a flying club), as well as schools and charities, and at all levels within these, I am confident I can help you.

How can I back up my experience and knowledge I hear you ask? Well, I have a Master of Laws (LLM) in Information Rights Law and Practice from Northumbria University, and an MBA from the Open university. I hold an Adult and Further Education Teaching qualification and I am an ACAS trained investigator. I have DNBS clearance for working with Children, and DBS clearance for working in the Magistracy – yep I’m a Magistrate.