Here at DT Information Governance, there are a range of services available and you may find a combination of these are suitable to your needs.

Information is a valuable asset, not only in monetary terms from the process of collecting it or the outcome of any enforcement action, but also valuable for your reputation.

All of the services offered will help you protect your business and enhance your reputation with customers and clients as you can show that you handle all data correctly, and that you have the necessary policies, processes and procedures in place. If you would like more information about any of these services, please do ‘Get In Touch’.

  • Consultancy
    • A professional, well-informed and practical task-based consultancy and advice service that supports your business whilst being aware of the need to balance competing operational, commercial and compliance responsibilities.
  • Training
    • The training I can provide can be tailored to your business. The legislation is often thought of as a burden but being given the opportunity to learn and understand what is required can create a positive culture in your business.
  • Compliance ‘Health Check’
    • A useful service that provides you with an independently reviewed picture (and report for your board or management team) of your business’ compliance. Useful to evidence that you are working towards compliance.
    • Two levels are available so please ask about these.
  • Research, Policies and a Template Toolkit
    • A research service for any information related legislation which will provide you with notes or articles as required.
    • A service that can develop polices and procedures specifically for your business.
    • Or if you prefer, I have a toolkit of templates available for your to adopt or adapt.
  • Virtual or outsourced DPO (Data Protection Officer)
    • A cost-effective, quality service that gives you, your staff and customers confidence that you are meeting the requirements of EU & UK GDPR and DPA2018.
    • This services includes quarterly reports, and an annual ‘health check’.
  • IG Helpline or Support Service
    • This provides you with access to an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner who is available to discuss issues and provide advice. This does not replace the DPO but enhances that role with a supportive ‘second voice’.
  • Investigation and Breach Support
    • I can assist or lead on investigations and data breaches, providing you with support for when the unthinkable or worst happens. Correct management of data breaches is important.
  • ‘Mystery Shopper’
    • Who wouldn’t like to know it their processes are working, their staff know and understand what the obligations are, or if the responses are sufficient? A ‘mystery shopper’ service tests these for you and provides a report on the findings.