Support, consultancy and training for all aspects of information law.

Data Protection and GDPR,
Freedom of Information,
Environmental Information Regulations,
Information Sharing and much more

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The Vision

To be a trusted service that makes a difference to businesses and organisations.

Mission Statement

To provide quality information governance consultancy, training and advice, ensuring businesses are compliant with relevant laws and understand how to achieve this.


* Honesty – I will be honest with those who I work with from the point of contact onwards.

* Knowledge – Being knowledgeable about the topics and sharing this knowledge.

*Pragmatic and Plain Speaking – I will speak to you in a practical and realistic way that avoids jargon as much as possible, using real-life examples of ‘been there, done that’ no matter if this was right or wrong, and telling you plainly how it is.

* Respect and Integrity – being respectful of those I work with, respectful of their businesses, and respectful of any data shared.